Energy Healing

I use advanced energy healing techniques including visualizations, affirmations, breath, color, sound and light work. Energy healing effectively clears chakras, smooths the aura, releases negative energy, and heals and cleanses cellularly. I assist one in raising their vibration and embodying through the Ascension process. Light work refers to directing and channelling healing light energy. Reiki is a form of light work. I work with other frequencies of light and color from Light Beings, Archangels, Star Beings, and Divinity (Mother Mary, as an example). Each human being has their own light body and core frequency, and I work with people accessing and integrating within. I am an advanced practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy, a gentle and powerful form of energy healing that works with the Angels of the Human Energy Field.

The energy of our planet Earth and the collective and individual human consciousness is shifting rapidly. Moment to moment, we are each called to make choices that align us with our heart's truth (our internal compass). Energy healing, Reiki and Light work are supportive in this time of acceleration, as we slough off old ways, heal past wounds and open, access, and have courage to listen and act on our unique individual hearts compass.