About Sessions

Each session takes place in the present moment. At the beginning of a session we discuss any specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual intentions you want to focus healing on. The work unfolds from there. You can request a specific modality, such as a Tarot reading or Reiki session, however most sessions incorporate a combination based on your intention, Spirit's guidance and my intuition.

We work on a deeper level than the intellect/ego's desire to know. Rapid shifts occur. Clarity, positive change, and increased wellness are often a result.

Phone and skype sessions are available to people anywhere in the world.  You remain in the comfort of your home, in a space where you can relax and receive healing.  I suggest having a lit candle, a glass of water, headphones/speaker phone and a journal to take notes on if we do a reading or intuitive channelling.

Please email or call (415) 756-6760 to book a session.  Upon booking, send payment through Paypal, Venmo, or Squarecash.